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Browns Sweeping has been providing the best sweeping, scrubbing and pressure cleaning service to Perth since 1997. From car parks to warehouses and every road in between, our expert and friendly staff are well prepared to sweep it clean!

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding sweeping services in a timely manner. We understand the importance of a professional job done on time with minimal fuss, and because of this, we strive to ensure we complete our sweeping, scrubbing, and pressure services in a timely manner.

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By having a professional sweeping company service your parking lot, you can rest assured that your car park will be immaculate and presentable. Our company services a wide range of car parks and parking lots—ranging from warehouses to residential buildings, factories to roads. Whatever the size and use of your car park is, we have you covered.


Scrubbing cleans what sweeping can’t, whether it is dirty oil stains or reluctant grease and grime, our scrubbing surface will ensure that your floor is looking sharp again. There are times when your work place will require a more rigorous and intense service than sweeping. Something that will wash away those stubborn stains and dirty marks—this is where professional scrubbing comes in.


Industrial and warehouse sites usually cover a considerable area, making speed and efficiency key components to smooth workplace operations. With this in mind, our industrial sweeping service will ensure that the everyday operations of your site can perform at the highest level possible.
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We understand that for your business to get maximum productivity out of its limited work site, you need a floor space which allows daily operations to perform with minimal distractions and obstacles. Our pressure cleaning service provides a high-quality clean, making the area a safe and comfortable place to work. Our service can quickly remove dirty stains and oil spills, as well as get rid of any waste which may get in the way during your business’ operations.