Hako 1250 Sweeper / Scrub Deck

The Hako 1250 Scrubber Sweeper has been tailor-made to meet the high demands of professional street and footpath cleaning. As an articulated compact sweeper the Hako 1250 can easily be converted into an aggressive, large capacity scrubber. It ensures a thorough cleaning result, even where space and access is limited.

The Hako 1250 Scrubber Sweeper scrubs and dries floors, footpaths and malls, leaving them immediately dry for foot traffic. It is the ideal answer for those towns and cities wanting an efficient and high standard of cleanliness on their footpath, mall and plaza areas, multi-storey and underground car parks, or market squares to take hygiene and environmental cleaning to a new level.

Hako 9XR Sweeper

Powerboss Chassis System
– Massive, unitised steel frame
– Oversized, soft-ride tires
– PowerClimb for all-terrain access
– PowerFlexTM automotive-type suspension on rear wheel (optional on some models)
– Eliminates jolts and vibration for component protection

Powerboss Drive-Train System
– Industrial liquid-cooled engine
– Heavy-duty radiator & Tri-phase air cleaner
– Hydraulics protection package
– PowerSwingTM engine access for ease of maintenance

Powerboss Debris-Handling System
– Direct throw sweeping method
– Oversized hopper with RTRA®
– Quick-change, floating main & retractable side brooms
– Dual-performance sweep mode
– Multi-level high-dump

Powerboss Air-Moving System
– Dual-phase dust filtration
– Built-in pre-filtering & ultra-fine screen panel filters for dust control
– Aggressive Twin electric filter shakers
– Shock-mounted hydraulic impeller
– Engine area shielded from exhaust air Ergonomics System
– Roomy, open cockpit with extra comfort
– Adjustable, high-back seat
– Power steering and tilt steeringwheel
– Comfortable pedal/controls placement
– Full instrumentation for all functions

Aquilis 203 Rec Pressure Washer

Based on a wide range of superior standard High Pressure Cleaners for the professional user, ranging from pressures of 140 – 1700 bar, Aquila Triventek A/S offer vast know-how and extensive expertise.

For many years Aquila Triventek A/S been the innovative leader in the High Pressure Cleaning sector.

We are the market leader in Scandinavia. We also cover most of Europe and parts of the South Pacific.

All standard Aquila High Pressure Cleaners are developed on the background of many years of experience in the High Pressure Cleaning market and in cooperation with our customers and the skilled and very experienced service engineers at Aquila Triventek.


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  • Hako 1250 Sweeper / Scrub Deck
  • Hako 9XR Sweeper
  • Aquillis 203 Rec Pressure Washer